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Epson EU-T500 thermal printer
Epson EU-T500 thermal printer
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Durable and flexible
For larger kiosk applications, the EU-T500 series is a cost-effective option, capable of printing complex graphics - including bar codes - at high speed. And the black mark sensor allows these to be issued on pre-printed paper, for further customisation.

Easy maintenance
With the 780 metre long paper roll and a maximum possible roll diameter of 10-inches, up to 10,000 receipts can be printed before it needs to be replaced. This, together with the remote status monitoring software, makes for low maintenance. This is ideal for even the most demanding environments, such as petrol forecourts, ATMs and vending machines.

Enhanced security:
An optional automatic coupon retracting function enabled by the cut sheet retracting module, prevents loss or theft of personal data and makes for safer coupon and receipt issuing.

It also means paper waste is reduced as uncollected coupons and receipts can be monitored and gathered.

For remote terminal use the Status Monitor software (included with the EPSON Advanced Printer Drivers) provides various monitoring and detection information, including:
 - All paper sensors (paper near end, paper detector, etc)
 - Ticket printing-end
 - Cut sheet presence
 - Printer cover open
 - Off-line status
 - Retracted paper remaining
 - Second paper near-end
 - Maintenance counter *1

*1 The maintenance counter provides accumulated operation information which helps identify and prevent issues and keeps the unit running smoothly. It monitors the life of the print head, ensuring it is replaced well in advance of end-of-life. It also keeps track of cuts using the autocutter, carried lines by paper feeder, carried times by presenter, carried times by retractor and the overall operating time.

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