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Epson TM-T90 Receipt Printer
Epson TM-T90 Receipt Printer
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TM-T90 Receipt Printer

Built with the same high quality and reliability of Epson’s best selling TM-T88 series, the TM-T90 brings you the added advantages of ultra fast speed, cost-effective graphics printing, one- and two-color printing and large paper roll capacity. And with an MCBF of 70 million lines, the TM-T90 delivers outstanding reliability that is critical in high-volume environments.

Product Features

• Affordable one- and two-color printing with print speed up to 6.69 inches/sec
• Uses paper rolls up to four inches in diameter, resulting in few paper changes
• Easy, drop-in paper loading with tear-bar or autocutter options
• Ease-of-use features including Auto Status Back (ASB) messages and a built-in counter for monitoring printer maintenance functions
• Outstanding reliability with an MCBF of 70 million lines

Part numbers

C31C390011  TM-T90 ECW SER WO/PSU
C31C390012  TM-T90 DT ECW SER W/PSU
C31C390021  TM-T90 EDG SER WO/PSU
C31C390022  TM-T90 DT EDG SER W/PSU
C31C402012  TM-T90-P DT ECW PAR W/PSU
C31C402021  TM-T90-P DT EDG PAR WO/PSU

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